Autumn in New Mexico & Trapiche Wines

Trapiche Wines from Mendoza, Argentina [photo: ©John Lamkin]
Trapiche Wines from Mendoza, Argentina -photo: ©John Lamkin
The autumn leaves sang with color. The brisk air quickened our step as we walked down the tree-lined dirt road to our Northern New Mexico home.

The tree limbs bowed with the weight of the fruit, apples, plums and pears—a very bountiful year.

The warmth of the house was augmented by the aroma of the apple pie in the oven.

Warm apple pie and Trapiche Oak Cask Chardonnay 2007. This is living!

Trapiche Oak Cask Chardonney
Trapiche Oak Cask Char- donney

The color of the wine mirrored the quaking aspens outside.  The aroma was predominately…guess what…apple pie, pear and a touch buttery oak (aged nine months in oak barrels). A crisp, sweet, round wine, with good acidity and a lingering grape finish.

José Andrés

Celebrity Spanish Chef, José Andrés, pairs Trapiche Oak Cask Chardonnay with gazpacho soup with lobster.

I also tried Trapiche Malbec 2007, a rich red wine with violet hues with a taste of berries, plums and cherries, round in the mouth with just a touch of truffle & vanilla.

The Trapiche wines are a real bargain—great wines for a small price. Wine guru, Natalie MacLean has included them in her “Good Values Wine Picks” reviews.

The Trapiche Winery started in 1883 in the region of Mendoza, Argentina, at the foothills of the Andes Mountains (where “the condor soars”). Trapiche was the first winery in Argentina to import and use French and American oak barrels and the first winery in Argentina to export wine.

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