Mision Wine from Cerocahui, Mexico

Mision Wine from Cerocahui, Mexico. See story

Mision Rojo Wine from Mision Winery, Cerocahui, Mexico

Cerocahui, Mexico: Tarahumara Indians, Jesuits and Wine
Story and photos by John Lamkin

Bumping along 45 minutes of dirt road from the train station, through the wooded landscape, the forest opens to reveal the alpine-like valley of Cerocahui (sero-kah-wee), a mile-high paradise. Below, I catch a glimpse of the hidden valley with its silver river winding through its vineyards and apple orchards — I could have been somewhere in Southern Europe, but I am actually near the edge of the Barrancas de Cobre(Copper Canyon), Mexico’s Grand Canyon. Little did I expect to find ancient vineyards here on top of the world.. Read the story on Global Writes


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